About Me

As a board member I would help to be your voice on the board!

I am a teacher with 16 years of experience in public, private, and online schools who is hearing the current concerns of the parents in the district.  I have a unique perspective and want to bring this experience to Chardon Local School District.  My two stepchildren are in the district and I share the same experiences as the other parents. With my experience as an educator and a step-parent, I believe this will allow me to provide a voice on the board.

Bus Transportation 
Long bus routes and traffic congestion at the schools is a common concern among parents… and me too! I will work to help improve the busing and school traffic patterns.

Gifted Education

Our best and brightest students lost their gifted program in the elementary school. These same children do not have a dedicated program in the middle school. I will work to help build programs to meet the needs of these children.

Identifying those children who need a little extra help

Parents face stress when their child is diagnosed or suspected to have a learning disability or other special need. I would like to work on making the process of identification, testing, and educational plan implementation easier on the parents.